“开云官方下载”网络口水战 战火蔓延到现实世界
本文摘要:During this summer vacation, battle lines have been drawn in the worlds of popular culture and politics, with tempers *flaring, insults flying and general hatred *spewing out all over the place – mostly onto smartphone and computer screens.今年暑假,(美国)风行文化圈和政坛都重燃了一场战火。

During this summer vacation, battle lines have been drawn in the worlds of popular culture and politics, with tempers *flaring, insults flying and general hatred *spewing out all over the place – mostly onto smartphone and computer screens.今年暑假,(美国)风行文化圈和政坛都重燃了一场战火。怒火烘烤、辱骂盛开、敌意从四面八方黄泥来——而这些大部分都被扔到了手机和电脑屏幕上。

There was the DC vs Marvel *debacle as web users hotly debated comic-book franchises. 网友们热议DC漫画与漫威漫画之间的竞争。Old-school Ghostbusters fans spoke viciously from behind their keyboards about the new *reboot’s female stars. 《捉鬼敢死队》的一些粉丝化身键盘侠,对新的落成的女星恶言相向。Kanye West and Kim Kardashian locked horns with Taylor Swift in a Twitter *feud involving song lyrics and Snapchat videos. 坎耶维斯特和金卡戴珊夫妇在推特上与泰勒斯威夫特因一些歌词和阅后即焚毁小视频而争吵不休。And then there’s the US presidential race, which is more *akin to an online mud-slinging match than a bid to lead one of the world’s most powerful nations.美国总统竞选则更加看起来一场言和揭老底的比赛,而非努力争取这个世界大国的领导权。

What I see right now is the whole world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, and that’s creating a lot of tension and anger, says Devin Faraci, editor-in-chief of US film site Birth.Movies.Death.在我眼中,现在整个世界或许都更加无可救药,弥漫着无穷无尽的冲突和气愤,美国电影网站Birth.Movies.Death的主编德温法拉奇说。People have long held strong views but didn’t always have the medium in which to express them, save for *venting to friends at dinner or telling all their problems to the poor woman behind the post office counter when dropping off mail. 人们早已抱着有反感的偏执,但却往往去找将近渠道去传达,不能在晚饭时找朋友宣泄,或是在相赠邮件时向真是的邮局女柜员吐苦水。But the *anonymity, ease of use and instant worldwide audience of social media has changed all that.然而,社交媒体的匿名性、便捷性和易用性将这一切都转变了。

I had a great-uncle who complained about everything, but we were the only ones who heard it, says Robert Thompson, a professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University, US. 我有一个爱发牢骚的伯祖父,我们这些家人是唯一能听得他发牢骚的,美国雪城大学电视与风行文化教授罗伯特汤普森说。Now everyone would hear about it.而现在,所有人都能当作他的听众。

The social media space has become free of age boundaries, which in turn has led to an *influx of *trolls, according to Faraci. 法拉奇指出,社交媒体并无年龄的界限,而这也带给了大量蓄意激怒的帖子。A 14-year-old could be arguing with an adult on the internet, and the latter would never know it, even if the teenager’s profile picture was a Pokémon. 一名14岁的少年可以在网上和一位成人发生争执,而后者却回应一无所知,即便这位少年的头像是只宠物小精灵。

Adults aren’t above getting into the *fray, either – just follow any celebrity’s Twitter account and you’re bound to come across a popcorn munching-worthy exchange sooner or later. 而成年人之间也无法免遭争执——只要随便注目一位名人的推特账号,旋即你之后不会看见一场好戏。If celebrities and politicians – who aren’t so very different these days – are constantly taking the negative path, it can feel like the status quo, the way things are done, an acceptable way to act, says Kate Erbland, film editor at Indiewire.com.如果名流政客们——时至今日已他们仍然与众不同——总是消极待世,人们之后不会实在,这种现状、这种行事方式,是一种可拒绝接受的不道德方式,Indiewire.com 网站的电影编辑凯特厄兰说。So do we just all need to hug it out?所以,我们意味着是必须拥释愤吗?Eventually, people might become so sick of this that it becomes not cool, something people don’t respect in the marketplace of ideas and emotion, says Thompson.最后,人们有可能回应深感无比厌烦,这逆的一点都不酷,人们对于大家的观点和情感从不认同,汤普森说。

Erbland suggests three things that may just help turn our collective online frown upside down: Better movies, better discussion and maybe less time on social media. 厄兰明确提出的三件事,也许有助我们挽回网络上的这种歪风:寄予厚望电影,更加合理地辩论,较少花点时间在社交媒体上。But Faraci contends that if people just realized they were actually talking to other people when they interact with one another on social media, they might not be so hostile.但法拉奇则称之为,人们在社交媒体上和他人交流时,如果能意识到他们正在和活生生的人对话,也许他们之后会如此充满著敌意。We’re not just talking to an *avatar or a statement, he says. 我们并不是在和一个头像或是一段话对话,他说。We’re talking to a real human being who got up this morning, had breakfast, maybe something bad happened to them, maybe something good happened to them, but they’re living an actual life outside of their opinion.我们是在和一个活生生的人交流。